For our seventh anniversary, MIDSUMMER® serves up a special treat for our fans: a sauce made from shiitake mushrooms and cherry tomatoes – pressure fermented and then aged in our secret kombu dashi. An exploration into the different shades of umami available from just a few ingredients, it’s complex, intense, and slightly acidic. 

This is not a hot sauce – it’s an umami bomb. Removing oxygen from the mash frees the microbes to interact with the glutamates in novel ways, resulting in all kinds of subtle yet bold MIDSUMMER® goodness. 

A fruit of our never-ending search for the ultimate in taste, the MIDSUMMER® seven-year fits nicely alongside our hotter offerings. Let it do its magic on grilled vegetables, steamed fish, or in marinades – it’s all up to you and the sauce.


Bottles produced: 77

Net: 300ml